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Quality policy

We are committed to providing customers with high and certified service levels.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification System

By acquiring the ISO 9001 certification, we demonstrate to all stakeholders that the Roberto Bucci SPA Group is able to respond consistently and exhaustively to the expectations of our customers. We understand that many buyers require ISO 9001 certified suppliers to minimize the risks of purchasing non-compliant services.

For this reason, with ISO 9001 certification, we make clear the improvements in terms of organizational efficiency and quality of the services we provide, minimizing waste, avoiding errors and increasing productivity.


This document, defined and approved in its contents by the General Management, also aims to communicate:

  • the policy and the objectives of Quality;
  • the organizational structure through which we intend to implement this policy and pursue its objectives.


Each employee contributes to the safeguarding of corporate values and mission.


In particular, the purpose of our certification is:

  • Provision of storage and loading and unloading services, both from ships and trains, containers and miscellaneous goods in bulk.
  • National and international shipping services.