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About us since 1957

The individual company Roberto Bucci was born in 1957 in Naples as Agent Freight Insurance, becoming successively Maritime Agent, concentrating its activities in the brokerage and shipping by sea. Mr. Roberto Bucci, Shipping Agent, develops in those years the business quickly becoming General Agent of primary foreign shipowners, carrying the first shipments from Japan via the Trans-Siberian. The company rapidly grows in few years, thanks to a careful planning development, a sincere interest in innovation and the ability to build constructive and proactive relationships with major international companies in the maritime sector.

Roberto Bucci SPA - Spedizioniere Doganale Internazionale In 1990 the company Terminal Flavio Gioia was founded through which the Group extends its maritime activities to the terminal operator in the Port of Naples, with the management of the dock Flavio Gioia.

Roberto Bucci SPA as NVOCC works with its own bill of lading, covered by the Insurance Policy of Trough Trasport Club of London, of which he is a member. 

Meanwhile, the traffic to England and Northern Europe increased, and in 1997 the company was expanded by Mr. Roberto Bucci with the opening of additional offices in Italy and London, with the with the Group’s development and the strengthening of forwarding company for all destinations.

In 2000 stipulates an agreement with Trenitalia for the management of transport containers by rail services between the Port of Naples and Gioia Tauro and between Terminal Flavio Gioia and Nola Interport.

Nowadays Roberto Bucci SPA operates as a holding company in accordance with the transparency rules in conducting business, as a necessary condition, as well as a competitive advantage, to pursue and achieve his own goals.

Considering the highly competitive global market, Roberto Bucci SPA Group offers customers services that make the difference.

Over the years the requests received from the market have become considerably, in parallel with the change of the type of vessels, with the increase of their size and the introduction of increasingly advanced technologies.

To meet these needs, the group has decided to focus on the training of its employees, keeping a close relationship with them and obtaining from their fieldwork experience useful informations for the improvement of products and services.

To better satisfy customer demand, the Roberto Bucci SPA group bought in 2014 a fleet of 45’ft containers (see data sheet), currently engaged in shipments to the UK, Northern Europe and Baltic.

Roberto Bucci SPA - Spedizioniere Doganale Internazionale Consistent with last years, Roberto Bucci SPA is still promoting the development and innovation in order to meet the needs of the global market. Indeed, large investments have been made in Terminal Flavio Gioia; over the last ten years over 18 millions euros has been invested.

This is the response to changing which advances. The goal of these investments is the expansion of our fleet, in order to increase our capacity to response to the needs of shipping lines that give their trust to our work. The goal of Roberto Bucci SPA Group is to provide higher than average quality services, focusing on reliability, competence and competitiveness: these are the main principles of our work philosophy.