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Rail Freight Forwarding

Roberto Bucci SPA has long experience with rail transport. The current network includes almost all European countries, thanks to a partnership with leading rail networks.
The European freight rail traffic is deeply concentrated, whose global demand is likely to grow, thanks to the flexibility of the system.
We can organize safe and suitable transport to the needs of each business, ensuring speed and cost-effective from the moment your products are loaded at the station till the final delivery.

Transport by single car
Block train

Single car transports are ideal for small to medium shipping volumes. They are flexible to order and cover the full German and European network. Roberto Bucci SPA offer a fully revised range of single car transport services for your regular or sporadic transports on alternating routes. Our services incorporate an easily understandable price quotation structure, enhanced reliability and comprehensive information access throughout the entire transport phase.


Long distance

Reduced costs ton / kilometers.

Few goods

Few slot on the train.

Flexible system

Freedom of choice.

From exceptionally adaptable to exceptionally cost-effective, our block train products offer you the ideal solution for any kind of major shipments. The customer can choose from an entire block train if the amount of its assets is enough to buy the space of all of the train slot.

The of the train slot can belong to the customer, for example Chemical wagons, or can be rented; in both cases, a high utilization of door slots to a decidedly more advantageous service.



Suitable for your business.

In – Out

Unique, without the need to fractionate.

Maximum lenght

Convoys between 400 and 700 meters.

Intermodal links different transport modes to rail transport. This way, even complex commodity flows can be managed in a cost-effective and above all environmentally friendly manner. The combination of different transport modes with their unique strengths is a key success factor. We use our intermodal transports to link ocean freight with rail and land transport.


Daily shipments

No travel ban.

Short delivery times

Reliable transit times.

More cargo

On several transport units.

Large amounts

More efficient for long distances.


High transport security.

Environmentally friendly

Lower CO2 emissions.

Green light

Relieving congestion of road traffic.